Consensus aims to provide specialized services; it is a law firm focused on attending any personal and business need.
Our commercial areas focus mainly on the following services:

Corporate consultancy

It is responsible for everything related to business and entrepreneurial activity, from the creation of companies, statutory changes, compliance with the partnership’s legal requirements (meeting minutes, board meetings, action issuance and regulation, mergers, acquisitions, review of powers, etc.) to the design and development of business projects of any kind.

Similarly, the corporate sector is also responsible for the preparation and review of various agreements applicable to their company, planning studies, execution and business development, negotiations, mergers, and partnership acquisitions.

 Our services in this area include, among others:
• Internal control of the Partnership.
• Preparing all types of Contracts.
• Corporate Audits.
• Preparing Corporate Meetings.
• Credit Risk Assessment.
• Risk assessment in accounts receivable and payable.
• Evaluation and preparation of documents where the Partnership states their obligations.
• Credit and debt recovery strategy.

Administrative REGULATIONS

The regulatory area is in charge of verifying and carrying out the regulation analysis regarding our clients’ line of business as well as all the paperwork, permits or approvals that may be required from our clients by any authority to create their business. Our specialists perform a detailed study of their activity’s legal framework, including all types of law, whether international, federal or regional, as well as official standards or any other that may be applicable to clearly determine their obligations.

·      Consultancy regarding regulations on specialized matters.
·      Document preparation for authorities in favor of the clients.
·      Obtaining concessions, permits, and authorizations.

Administrative work before Government Ministries.


The litigation area is responsible for settling business disputes before courts or relevant legal authorities. Civil, commercial, administrative, and constitutional litigation is included in this area.


The area of Civil and Real Estate Consultancy is responsible for all matters regarding civil matters, including property matters, legitimate succession and wills as well as different kinds of advice in civil matters.

The advisory ranges from the analysis and research of properties to preparing all types of contracts, regularizations or transactions involving property rights.

· Trusts, Sale, leasing and property-related operations

· Elaboration of real estate development projects.

· Regularization of property.

• Succession proceedings.


This area is responsible for imports and exports related to your business, analyzing applicable treaties, and any type of requirements or necessary legal planning for the development of the international activity of your business..

  • Analysis of each client’s specific situation.
  • Tariff classification and application of Treaties.
  • Preparing international contracts.
  • Importer register.
  • Specific rules for each type of goods.

Industrial AND IntelLectual PROPERTY

We have protection services for all your rights in these areas as well as services for all corresponding procedures, such as trademark registry, renewals, patents, commercial names, copyright registry, utility model registry, commercial advertising.. 


  • Trademark, patent, commercial advertising registry before IMPI.
  • Registrations before INDAUTOR.


It is the responsible for planning and preventing employer-employee conflicts of our clients. Our mission is to create legal documents granting enough warranties as well as for the compliance of the established legislation.. 


  • Elaboration of Individual and Collective Contractss.
  • Union Negotiations.
  • Contingencies before the Conciliation and Arbitration Board.

Immigration services    

EIt is the consultancy area in charge of foreigners who wish to stay either temporarily or permanently in the country as well as of the services to obtain the Mexican nationality..

  • OObtaining immigration forms for temporary or permanent residence in the country as well as services to obtain the Mexican nationality    .